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Individual Faculty Grants

This program supports the research and creative activity of individual faculty members in and across the arts and humanities at Penn State.  Proposals should have the potential to make a significant contribution to the applicant’s field and to enhance the applicant’s professional career and the visibility of the arts and humanities at Penn State.  Awards support but are not limited to:  materials, travel for research/creative activity, wages for research assistance, etc.


Monday, September 26, 2016 for research and creative activity in the period January-June 2017.



Faculty with professorial rank (i.e., assistant, associate, full professor) and on tenure-track or tenured at Penn State are eligible to apply for funding.  Those with large-scale projects should consider applications to both the Institute and the appropriate college research committee.  Limited collaborations (2-3 faculty members) on a particular project are also eligible for funding under this program.  Faculty may not receive an Institute Individual Faculty Grant and a Residency in the same academic year.  Faculty who have received individual grants from the IAH may not reapply for the next three years (for example, faculty who were last funded in January–June 2014 are eligible to apply again in Fall 2016 for funding for January–June 2017).  Previously funded applicants must also demonstrate that they have sought external grant support during the last two years.  Named/distinguished professors who already receive significant research funding as part of their professorial appointments are not eligible to apply.


Individual Faculty Grants cannot be used to support travel to conferences, symposia and professional meetings, but can be used for research in preparation for such a presentation (e.g. travel to archives and collections for research leading to a professional presentation and/or publication).


Requests for one-course teaching releases will be supported only under special circumstances, and only from faculty at campuses other than University Park.  Requests for course buy-outs must be accompanied by strong justification by the applicant and by the applicant’s department head or program director.  Applicants who need significant time off from teaching should consider applying for the IAH Resident Scholars and Artists program.


Thirty days after the close of the grant period (consult award letter for exact date), a report must be filed with the Institute on the use and results of the grant to date.  Grant recipients who do not submit a report will not be considered for future IAH funding.


The Institute should be notified when an exhibition, publication, or other professional accomplishment results from a project supported by IAH funds. Appropriate acknowledgment of Institute support must be given in all work supported by the grant.


Applications that do not follow the guidelines outlined below will be summarily rejected.

1) Cover page with applicant’s name, professorial rank and academic title, contact information (including campus address), project title, and total grant amount requested.

2) Description of the project (not to exceed four pages, double-spaced, 12-point font), including:

• significance of the project

• outcome: i.e. article, book (specify publication venue, known or anticipated); exhibition (specify exhibition venue); performance (specify performance venue); etc.

• timetable for project’s completion

• for teaching-release requests, please provide justification (see under “Eligibility”).

3) Itemized budget (separate page):

• clearly indicate how funds will be expended during the grant period

• a full list of other sources of support and pending applications

4) Curriculum vitae of relevant work (not to exceed four pages).  The C. V. should also include the applicant’s professorial rank and list all previous Institute support.

5) Confidential letter of evaluation from the applicant’s department head or program director (or heads/directors, for faculty with joint appointments).


Proposals will be evaluated and recommendations made to the Director by members of the Institute’s Advisory Board.

All materials must be submitted to IAH by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 26, 2016 using the submission form below. Applicants should upload items 1-4 as a single PDF document. Item 5 is to be uploaded separately by the applicant's department head or program director. Applicants are responsible for directing the appropriate individual to the submission form. All applicants will receive an email receipt; please follow up if you do not hear back within one week.

For more information, contact:

Lori Sabatose, Administrative Assistant 

Tel: (814) 865-0495, Fax: (814) 863-8349, E-mail:

103 Ihlseng Cottage 

University Park, PA 16802 

Revised May 2016