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"City, Energy, Information" Symposium and Workshop, 2016-2017


“City, Energy, Information” Symposium
3-4 February, 2017
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Cities of the 21st century are facing radical changes and dynamic challenges. On the one hand, our current ways of extracting, producing, and consuming energy have resulted in emitting greenhouse gases and causing significant transformations in the climate. On the other, the digital revolution has introduced ubiquitous connectivity and new technologies that are drastically transforming our cities and how we interact with them. The Stuckeman Center for Design Computing (SCDC), the Department of Architecture, and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities (IAH) will coordinate a multidisciplinary symposium as a potential venue to go beyond the unfavorable effects of these challenges, reimagining them as potential solutions to our current urban energy problems. 
The “City, Energy, Information” symposium will provide new insights on how the proliferation of data and novel urban experiments enable innovative technology-driven responses in governance, policy, economics, and even daily life interactions of citizens as an intellectual means to overcome wider energy issues in cities. Invited scholars and practitioners will propose new strategies for cities to empower and engage experts and the general public, rethink economic solutions and governance models, and to develop a new manifesto for adopting technology and information as a tool towards an energy efficient future.